I count myself very fortunate as over years I have been able to work in some interesting places in the Middle East, Africa, Far East, Asia and Europe, mainly on large scale energy and infrastructure projects. From a young age I would pick up an atlas and want to go to the places that jumped out at me from its pages. I think I got it from my father, who travelled during the Second World War and was forever telling stories of his travels. The ‘expats’ I worked in my early career years, who were returning from overseas postings or getting ready to go back, did nothing to dampen my ambition to travel. My opportunity came when I was 21 years old, a contract in Nigeria to work on the build of a small power station in the east of the country.

The art teacher in secondary school got me interested in photography, we were very fortunate to have him as a teacher and a school that had a dark room. From those school days I was never without a camera of some sort. That is until the point I was robbed of my Pentax ME Super in Nigeria, but that is another story. Photography for me is the capturing of an event that perhaps you are the only person to witness and turning that event into something that tells a story, there’s always a story, and is pleasing to the eye.

So for me, travel and photography go hand in hand, it’s a bit chicken and the egg. Recent years have provided me with the resources to widen my travels to places a little off the beaten track and develop a more focused photographic appetite for wildlife and landscape images, capturing those unique events. I haven’t won any awards, perhaps if I entered the odd competition or two, it might help, but I would like to share some of my images with you. If you are interested in buying any of my images please feel free to contact me at sales@peterjonesphotography.co.uk.

After years of trying different camera systems, I have now settled on the following equipment.

Camera bodies

  • Nikon D850
  • Nikon Z6


  • Nikkor 24-70mm f2.8 ED.
  • 70-200mm f2.8 VR ED (a great all-rounder).
  • 400mm f2.8 AF-S ED (the Boss).
  • 500mm AF-S pf (a very light lens to carry round that produces crisp and clear images) .
  • Tamron 15-30mm SP f2.8 (for those wide angle shots).


  • Gitzo GT2542LS and GT1555T (which is ideal when travelling on a plane).
  • GM2541 monopod (wouldn’t be without it, especially useful with the 400mm lens).
  • I use two different Gitzo ball heads and a Benro gimbal head.

If you would like to get in touch feel free to contact me at sales@peterjonesphotography.co.uk

Nikon D850