UK Wildlife

Recent international travel restrictions have given me the motivation to explore UK wildlife photography. There are many wildlife hides available up and down the country offering photographic experiences with many native birds and mammals.

My first foray into the hides to photograph kingfishers was in Worcestershire. Colourful and beautiful as they are, it can be a frustrating experience, patience is required to capture a good shot of a kingfisher. First time in the hide, waiting for nearly two hours, with no sign of the bird, I decided to put my camera down and have a spot of lunch. Yep, as soon as I did that the bird appeared, lunch went on the floor and I never got that shot. Fortunately later efforts proved more rewarding.

Badgers are as equally elusive, obviously active at night and therefore quite challenging from a photographic point of view. But they are a pleasure to photograph, always inquisitive and of course fitting for the the monochrome image.

There are a limited number of locations where you can see and photograph red squirrels in the wild in the UK. Scotland being the main concentration. They are extremely photogenic little animals, providing opportunity to capture many interesting and captivating shots in the one visit to the hide.

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